Proximo Consulting

Proximo Consulting creates custom database solutions to tame the data beast within even the largest corporate systems.


The Client

Data in drives, data in the skies, data stored in the very retina of our eyes.  Ours is a world no longer composed of atoms but of information—the foundation of our nearly everything being stored, processed, and transported on the net.  And when every byte can be traced to the second it was born, why are so many companies unable to leverage their data?  Even worse, why are so many companies sinking under it?  Though it seems like a metaphysically rhetorical question, there are professionals who remind us that the data works for us, not the other way around.

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Whether providing solutions for the regional startup or the multinational, Proximo can provide significant data control at any stage. And with a business savvy management team, Proximo crafts its applications for use in the real world.  Proximo has proven to clients from L’Oréal to Prudential that data can be useful again.


Our Counsel

General Consulting
RW provides Proximo ongoing counsel regarding a variety of issues, from data privacy rules and issues to interpretation of licensing provisions. RW prides itself on being able to serve as a resource so that Proximo can make informed decisions.

Client License Agreement Drafting/Negotiation
RW routinely drafts and negotiates Proximo’s license agreements with its clients. Issues of deliverables, intellectual properties, and unique legal frameworks depending on the campaign challenge RW attorneys to assure the heart of the license agreement is maintained, while providing enough flexibility to accommodate the specific deal at hand.

Trademark Prosecution
RW has assisted Proximo research the viability of and secure critical trademarks for its multiple product offerings.