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Technology and Internet

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Overview: Engaging counsel that understands the latest developments and trends in technology is key for any pioneering venture. Riveles Wahab LLP guides technology companies through the rapidly evolving web of federal, state, and international laws and regulations governing technology, the Internet, and e-commerce. In addition, our attorneys advise on a variety of issues for any venture that uses or develops technology, including corporate governance, intellectual property protection and licensing, employment and contractor agreements, fundraising, privacy, advertising, and other matters related to social networking, digital media, and Internet transactions.

Our services include:

  • Counseling on corporate structure and formation, including founder equity and vesting issues, shareholder’s agreements, and investor rights agreements
  • Protecting IP and other proprietary information, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets
  • Advising on and drafting financing agreements, including for “friends and family”, seed, angel investor, and venture capital rounds
  • Structuring technology and IP acquisition, disposition, and licensing agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting employment and consulting agreements, including product development and design agreements, equity awards, and stock options
  • Drafting service level agreements, cloud computing agreements, terms of service, and privacy policies
  • Structuring digital currencies, initial coin offerings (“ICOs”), smart contracts, and other blockchain assets and platforms
  • Advising on regulations affecting cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and other blockchain-based assets
  • Counseling on United States and international privacy laws, including obtaining US-EU Privacy Shield certification and other privacy certifications

Technology Licensing

Riveles Wahab handles the entire spectrum of technology licensing arrangements, including complex ventures ranging from standard licensing deals to joint development of software, applications, and systems. We also negotiate and advise clients with respect to software licenses, equipment leases, software development and distribution agreements, and network services and data acquisition agreements.


Outsourcing arrangements are often the backbone of the information technology profile for any company. The cost, scale, and time advantages offered by outsourcing make it a compelling but complex business strategy. To provide maximum predictability and clarity for all parties, we advise clients in connection with the outsourcing of all types of information technology. Riveles Wahab negotiates and drafts master service agreements and service level agreements, in addition to advising on related asset acquisitions, employment, and tax issues.


Running an online business or Internet platform comes with its own unique, constantly evolving challenges. Riveles Wahab counsels its clients on the full range of issues involved in developing and maintaining a website, social network, e-commerce platform, or software/platform as a service, including on applicable international e-commerce standards. In order to promote smooth business operations through a company’s website, RW provides its clients with effective, concise, and client-friendly legal disclaimers, terms of use, privacy policies, and other “click-wrap” agreements. Our attorneys also advise negotiate agreements to license content and technology and outsource e-commerce functions to ensure our clients receive the services they expect and the ownership rights they require. RW further advises on online advertising issues such as affiliate marketing, demographic and behavioral targeting, and location-based marketing and content delivery, as well as on issues relating to contests, sweepstakes, and other promotions.


Finding the right balance between the benefits of data collection and mining and the interests of users in maintaining their privacy – all while complying with domestic and international privacy regulations – is an issue with which many companies struggle. Riveles Wahab provides counsel on a range of privacy and data protection laws, regulations, guidelines, and directives that is tailored to each client’s technical, marketing, and strategic needs. Our attorneys draft privacy policies, conduct privacy and data security audits, and negotiate agreements regarding the collection, storage, and use of personal data. In addition, we advise on the EU Data Directive, US-EU safe harbor certification, and obtaining other privacy certifications from third parties, such as TrustE.

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Interest and investment in blockchain technology is rapidly growing, making blockchain technology the next major growth sector for disruptive startups and investment. Our attorneys understand the risks and rewards of launching and investing in coins, tokens, smart contracts, and other blockchain platforms, and regularly work with our clients to minimize their liability without obstructing innovation. Riveles Wahab advises on regulatory compliance for coin and token launches, prepares fundraising documents for ICOs (or “initial coin offerings”), drafts terms of use and privacy policies for blockchain-enabled platforms, and counsels clients on a variety of other matters related to digital currencies, digital wallets, and blockchain technology.


Digital Media

Riveles Wahab understands that Internet-based companies are not cookie-cutter ventures and that each industry comes with its own unique legal issues and needs. RW attorneys advise digital media clients in a range of industries on protecting and exploiting their intellectual property, content licensing for Internet and mobile platforms, and structuring advertising and other revenue-generating transactions.