Riveles Wahab LLP partner Kaiser Wahab has contributed articles and sample annotated agreements related to New York business and commercial law to LexisNexis’ Lexis Practice Advisor. Lexis Practice Advisor offers practical, in-depth advice to attorneys on contract drafting and other transactional law matters written by seasoned practitioners. LexisNexis invited Mr. Wahab to provide new and updated materials to one of its premier products for corporate counsel due to his in-depth knowledge and prolific writing on corporate, securities, and commercial law matters.

His contributions include practice notes on the unique aspects of New York’s limited liability company law, how piercing the corporate veil in New York and Delaware limited liability companies and corporations differs, and key considerations when creating employee equity compensation and profits interest plans for New York limited liability companies. Regarding his goals in producing the content, Mr. Wahab expressed that he sought to “enhance LexisNexis’ library of practical, field-tested materials for practitioners to deal with potent, but sometimes esoteric, aspects of corporate law, especially in and around the area of equity issuances to investors and for purposes of consultant and employee incentives.”

Mr. Wahab has practiced corporate, securities, and commercial law for over 16 years. He has also been published Mashable, the New York Enterprise Report, and the Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal.