Riveles Wahab partner Kaiser Wahab is thrilled to have been invited by the Intellectual Property Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada to speak at the 2018 Intellectual Property Law Conference at the William S. Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas on October 5th. Kaiser’s presentation will focus on the various intellectual property issues that counsel should consider in merger and acquisition transactions. The major elements his talk will cover will be how to conduct due diligence on intellectual property assets (including UCC considerations, liens, and encumbrances); how to properly transfer ownership of IP, including filing assignments with the Copyright Office and Patent and Trademark Office; unique warranties, representations, indemnities, and disclosures relevant when significant intellectual property is at play; and how to properly maintain rights in the intellectual property after it is transferred. Other topics that will be discussed by other speakers during the conference include trade secret law in the European Union, cybercrimes, the Music Modernization Act, discovery issues in intellectual property cases, the GDPR and other European Union laws that may affect businesses in the United States, and ethics issues in intellectual property law.