Riveles Wahab LLP partner Kaiser Wahab is honored to be invited by Lawline to teach two Continuing Legal Education courses on “Corporate Structuring and Fundraising for Single Purpose Vehicles” and “Intellectual Property Considerations in M&A Transactions”. Kaiser has taught several Lawline courses in the past on a variety of topics, including overviews of the JOBS Act, privacy law for in-house counsel, and legal issues involving social media. Kaiser’s courses are consistently highly reviewed and praised for his clear and engaging manner of speaking.

Corporate Structuring and Fundraising for Single Purpose Vehicles gives the practitioner an understanding of the key considerations in structuring a “Single Purpose Vehicle” (or “SPV”). An SPV is a business entity that is structured to take in investor funds for the purposes of funding a single, dedicated project or opportunity. Examples of typical SPVs include real estate finance projects, independent films, and restaurants. Kaiser’s lecture delves into key considerations, including choosing the right type of entity; establishing the entity’s corporate structure (including classes of equity, installing a management team, and management compensation terms); and essential private offering deal points, including how much to raise, investor protections, SPV-specific risk factors, and securities law compliance.

Intellectual Property Considerations in M&A Transactions provides an overview of the unique issues corporate counsel overseeing a merger or acquisition transaction should be aware of when intellectual property (“IP”) is a key asset. The program discusses how to conduct due diligence on intellectual property assets (including UCC considerations, liens, and encumbrances); how to properly transfer ownership of IP, including filing assignments with the Copyright Office and Patent and Trademark Office; unique warranties, representations, indemnities, and disclosures relevant when significant IP is at play; and how to properly maintain rights in the IP after it is transferred.

Both courses are currently available at Lawline.com. A clip from Kaiser’s course on Intellectual Property Considerations in M&A Transactions where he is discussing the importance of disclosure schedules in M&A agreements can be viewed below.