Riveles Wahab associate attorney Lauren Mack is excited and honored to serve as a mentor to teams competing in the Super Heroes vs Master Hackers hackathon this weekend. The hackathon will bring together the top fintech developers in New York and challenge them to create the future of banking and financial services at Barclays’ brand new Accelerator and Innovation Hub, Rise New York. The three problems participants may choose to solve are:

(1) how to identify people excluded from traditional financial services, create digital identities for them, and protect their data;
(2) simplifying and gamifying online rewards; or
(3) creating a smart contract solution using blockchain technology.

Lauren will be providing advice and insight into the challenges and pitfalls in the contract drafting, negotiation, and execution process for teams working on a smart contract solution for the financial services industry. Legal Hackers, an organization that explores issues and solutions the intersection of law and technology of which Lauren serves as a Director, has partnered with Barclays for the hackathon.